William Curley will always aim continue as one of the most esteemed chocolatier-patissiers in the world. Ensuring all customers experience William’s own passion for patisserie and chocolate while remaining a leading light in the evolving chocolate market and maintaining the highest quality at all times.

The central focus at William Curley is to produce the highest quality of chocolate and patisserie possible. There are no additives, colourings or preservatives used in any of the products.

William refuses to compromise on quality and will only ever seek to use the best ingredients available. All of the couverture chocolate used is Amedei, they are a small Tuscan producer considered by many to be the best ‘Bean to Bar’ producer in the world. Piedmont hazelnuts, Avola almonds and Madagascan vanilla are amongst some the specialist ingredients used to ensure that every product made is the best it can be.

Training is key in maintaining the quality. Training the next generation of ambitious young chefs is central to the business and teaching a foundation in the craft of patisserie is vital within the industry. William Curley was awarded the ‘Next Generation Award’ by the Academy of Chocolate for the business’ dedication in training the next generation of young chefs.

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