The market for fine chocolate, patisserie and high end desserts is rapidly evolving within London and the rest of the UK.

Over 25 years of experience within two and three Michelin starred establishments, time spent running the pastry department in 5 star hotels and a vast number of accolades to reinforce his status within the industry makes William an ideal candidate to help advise businesses and individuals on their chosen direction, progression within the evolving market and new product development.

Consultancy has included work for supermarkets, manufacturers, hotels, resorts, restaurants, patisseries, dessert bar projects, chocolatiers and start-up businesses.

Corporate clients within the United Kingdom have included Marks and Spencer’s, Waitrose, Orchard House and Hayden’s Bakery, Elior, Duchy Originals, Foxes Biscuits.

Outside the UK, William has consulted for hotels, boutiques and department stores in the Middle East, India and Japan.

William is available to engage with a wide range of projects looking to benefit from his in depth knowledge and understanding of chocolate, patisserie and desserts.

The needs, requirements and vision of each client will be catered for individually, ensuring that the most appropriate and progressive package is developed to achieve the best results possible.

Areas of consultancy offered by William:

New Product Development

Professional Team Training

Menu Development

Corporate Team Building