William’s Diary – Valentines 2021

Feb 2, 2021 | William's Diary

Valentines is near so have created some new chocolates for the occasion and have launched some exciting collaborations. Usually, we see shops filled with pink & red hearts, florist full of roses, and restaurants fully booked. This year may feel a little different but there is plenty of romance and decadence that can still be enjoyed…

New Products

We have just launched our Pink Champagne & Strawberry Truffles. Dark Chocolate, strawberry & rosé Champagne, dusted with tangy red berry neige décor.

Our new ‘Sugar Shack Coutures’ are two chocolates created using maple for a sweet and decadent treat. The selection is named after the sugar shacks in Canada where maple sap is harvested and turned into the syrup that we know and love! The chocolates are based on classic desserts with a maple twist: Banoffee and Poire Belle Helene. We thought Valentines was a perfect excuse to launch them.



We are also pleased to announce a collaboration with Remy-Martin. We have created two chocolates to be paired with their Scarfes Bar Cocoa Cherry Sour.

The cocktail is Remy Martin 1738 Cognac, Cocchi Americano, White Verjus, Cocoa and Cherry, paired with a complimentary 4 box of two bespoke William Curley chocolates. Cherry & Pistachio and a Warm Spiced Blanco De Criollo




Another great Valentines collaboration is with Drinksfusion. This week will see the launch of a Cocktail kit paired with our limited-edition Pink Champagne & Strawberry Truffles. https://cocktailsdelivery-df.co.uk/


Great to be featured in this article on fine chocolate by House of Desiderata: https://www.houseofdesiderata.com/home/2021/february/reflection


We would like to announce the recent opening of Jawbone Brewing. New neighbours of our chocolate kitchen, a craft brewery creating fantastic beers on the banks of the Thames. Pubs may be closed but I’m lucky enough to still be able to grab a beer on my way home from work. It’s takeaway for now but I’m already looking forward to seeing the taproom open in the (hopefully) not too distant future! https://www.jawbonebrewing.com/

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