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Nov 17, 2017 | New - Curley Kitchen

New from the Curley Kitchen


Kadode Kampot Pepper

‘I was recently contacted by Michael Winters, the founder of Kadode Kampot Pepper UK. He introduced me the diverse selection of fine peppers he imports from the Kampote region of Cambodia. The quality of the produce and the ethics of the company are truly impressive.’

Each pepper produced has very different characteristics and is truly unique in flavour. The first Kampot pepper chocolate to feature in my box is a ‘Kampot Red Pepper Couture Chocolate’. Initially the fruity notes of the pepper subtly match the chocolate, before a burst of spicy pepper flavour comes through on the palate.

The second chocolate launched is ‘White Pepper and Strawberry’. It is a layer of strawberry pate de fruit, topped with a white pepper ganache. The spice and aroma of the white pepper perfectly matches the sweetness and flavour of the strawberry.

William is already experimenting with the other varieties and will be launching new pepper chocolates in the coming months.

Find Michaels outstanding produce at:

Taste our pepper chocolates in the couture boxes available on our online boutique (view here).


Featured Product

With winter taking a hold, we are all in need of a warming treat.

Our hot chocolate is perfect for easing the winter blues and William’s favourite is the Gianduja.

A mixture of 70% dark chocolate combined with silky hazelnut gianduja makes this drink extra special.

View our full hot chocolate range here.

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